Three easy steps

Send us your wish!

Make your choice!


It all starts with you and your dream. You send us what car a/o model you want. The better and more precise you share with us what you are looking for and what is important to you, the better we can start our search. Everything what we at this stage is for free. At the end you will get three options for possible and available cars. 

Anticipation is the greatest joy!

You then take your time and decide for which of the three alternatives you will go. The faster you are the higher is the chance that your car is still available. We then can send you the contract or we arrange a meeting at 0ur office in Graz/Austria with you to explain and align on everything. Based on this contract you pay your car. 

Enjoy happiness!


Then it is up to us. Our local technical experts check your car and generate a comprehensive technical analysis so that we know and you can absolutely be sure that the car is in excellent condition. 

Then we arrange export, shipment and import to the standard country of delivery, which is always Austria. This is in your interest as Austria guarantees highest legal standards. In case you want your car delivered to any other destination country, we can also take care of this.

In order to minimize costs we then gather three to four orders from the country of origin, so that we can pack these orders into one special container. If you do not want to wait, you can order your car with „special shipment option“ and the car will be shipped immediately – of course at a higher price, which will be invoiced to you!

Christmas can be every day!

Christmas can be every day! Soon after your order we will put a big smile into your face or into the face of your beloved one(s) whom you can also buy their dream car for through us. 

Then the only thing we ask you for, is some pictures with your happy faces sitting in your car hitting the road….