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Technical expertise everywhere

As member of the Federal Austrian Chamber of Commerce we have access and maintain a global organization of experts in all kind of matter expertise areas. These engineers accompany the entire process from scouting and screening cars, testing and checking them until after secure shipment the car is delivered to you.

Risk management at the core

We care for each other and for cars. Risk management and elimination is at the core of all our activities from screening cars to transporting and refurbishing them. We undertake all to anticipate, understand, estimate and eliminate all kinds of potential risks along the entire process.

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Over 20 years of awarded excellence

Based on more than 20 years of experience and our global friends we know where to best find your car for the best price. In 2016 we got awarded with the Export Excellence Award by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Our business is a simple arbitrage business as we actively take advangtage of market conditions and the demand and supply situation. This is your advantage as you save up to 50% on your car with no disadvantage. 

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Sustainability for the future

We keep traditions alive by finding your Old- and BestTimers as in their countries of origins they are mostly not valued. On the other hand we find almost new and unused SUVs, sports cars and luxury limousines for a bargain as their current owners change their cars like shorts. This means that we maximize the reuse of already existing cars and through this also aim at contributing to sustainability issues.